The Protect Your Energy Habit

Updated: May 7

Protect Your Energy because Your Are The Light* (Manifest Secret Sauce)

Sometimes people will try to bring you down because you shine bright like a diamond***

Sometimes it can be the ones that are close to you that will intentionally or unintentionally try to hurt you. When people feel inadequate in their lives, the misery in them will love your company. *Don't let em' use ya*- Bob Marley

It's your time to shine!

They don't have the power over you! Take back your magic and rain on them haters!

So quick story about this video.

*While recording this video, I was being betrayed by those that I thought was close to me. It's funny how that happens. My intuition was on point! Glad that it was because this video was made from that energy.

Stay away from the bs *Periodt*

Own your energy at all cost no matter what! Be #mindful of how you move with your energy. #BS is everywhere. On #TV, the #radio, #friends & #family. Move with intention. Your #energy will speak volumes when you walk into the room. This starts by knowing who you are and when you know who you are, then you #move differently. You'll know who to be around and stay away from. Some people just want to taint you because they're #tainted.

Stay Calm & Do You