The Step Back Habit

Updated: May 7

How To Step Back When You're Giving Too Much

Your energy is is precious, so spend it wisely.- Drea Watkins

Ever felt like you were giving way too much and wasn't receiving anything in return? Well if you answered yes, then may be it's time for you step back and let it go for awhile. They say "if you love something let it go and if it comes back, then it's yours." I've held on to too many things that wasn't serving my highest good for a long time, and I had to learn the hard way that that wasn't healthy for me. I learned that I was loving people way too hard instead of giving that love to myself. That left me feeling stranded with my emotions all on my own.

With that being said, I had to learn to step back and start taking care of me. Loving on me and seeing what I need. Some people just don't have the kind of love that you need and that's ok. Love yourself enough to own your heart instead of giving it away. You'll thank yourself in the end for it.

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